Welcome to Bubble Street!

There is no greater amusement park than the imagination itself.

Welcome to Bubble Street, an emporium celebrating the realms of imagination. We take pride in bringing you exquisite and spirited paintings, sculpture, pottery, jewelry and more. Somewhat bizarre and truly romantic, our Neo-Victorian and Steampunk-inspired galorium will delight you with its flair for the fantastic and pension for outstanding craftsmanship.

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  • My husband and I discovered Daniels work while in Laguna Beach. We purchased "The Strategist" because it reminded me of my husband and several other pieces since. We recently received "A World Away" and "Turning Leaves" and we are simply mesmerizing by his work. Daniel was gracious enough to share the inspiration behind "The Strategist" and we can't wait to add more pieces to our collection. In summary, his work is simply astonishing and upon closer inspection, is full of wonderful discoveries. What a blessing to be so talented and looking forward to seeing what's next. Mark Weise and Ty Terry

  • It's been a year since Jeffrey Steorts embarked on this grandiose project. Here's the latest update from the artist's workshop. The Grandfather Clock is coming along nicely. We are very excited to unveil it at Bubble Street Gallery later this year. Stay tuned...

  • Fantast in Focus: Daniel Merriam - The Thinker's Garden