In 1986 I created a painting entitled Bubble Street. Ever since then many people have suggested that I should build a real Bubble Street. So when I was deciding on a name for my gallery in Sausalito, I thought it only fitting to call it this as it is the first building block in the foundation of what could become the realization of that dream. I figure I might as well dream big as that's what I've built my career on thus far and, I must say, it hasn't let me down yet. So the gallery is a kind of emporium of things all related to the creative compulsion and the fruits of the imagination.

I had considered a number of locations and after many years settled on Sausalito. I thought because the town’s history is primarily based in the Victorian era, and its rich cultural diversity that followed was flamboyant, to say the least, it would welcome a building dedicated to the surreal or fantastic style many of you know me for. I had planned to build something my fans would enjoy and perhaps a building that would become its own historic landmark.

It took two years of bureaucratic battles and a lot of back breaking work but I finally completed my project in August of 2012. Today Bubble Street stands as a monument to the perseverance of an artist who has a dream and the struggle to make space for art amidst an otherwise standardized world. I guess the next step is to begin looking for an entire street that I could makeover.

Meanwhile please stay tuned to Bubble Street as its character continues to evolve with visiting art exhibits and new installations celebrating the bounties of the imagination.

-Daniel Merriam