Jeffrey Steorts

JEFF_portrait-250px.jpgJEFFREY STEORTS is a self-taught artist , whose work is inspired by objects and designs that come from the past. His medium is gold-, copper- and silver-leafed wood, combined with steel and brass fasteners, clock/watch parts as well as other kinds of hardware and antique elements. These found objects, obviously intended for use as something else, experience a kind of reincarnation within the artist’s creative process to manifest something that reflects uniqueness and imagination.

Quite often Steorts is inspired to incorporate poetry into his pieces, which can be found either inside or outside his sculpture. This serves a dual purpose: it narrates or speaks to the viewer in a kind of soulful voice that explains and ties in the physical details and imagery of the work while at the same time conveying the message of spiritual aspiration and transformation.

As a result, Jeffrey’s sculpture is full of whimsical, mechanical, medieval, poetical, horological and spiritual elements that can at times have a functional purpose as well.

Jeffrey has a keen interest in yoga and meditation and believes they are powerful transformative tools through which we can realize the spiritual within the material and, in the process, make the body and mind a fit instrument of the soul. His art is a conscious intention to create something intriguing, possibly sacred and interactive that tempts the viewer to either touch or seek inside the treasure within.